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What is Space Oddities?

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Space Oddities is an adventure/comedy story about the crew of the Aftosa; Jorge MacSanchez & Dirk. They are in the business of locating and procuring lost or “misappropriated” antiquities. A lucrative, if not stable, business until a young woman named Jhett Paxton suddenly becomes an unsolicited crew member. Jhett’s quest to find her mother will point them toward a fabled artifact of immense power and all the danger that comes with it.

The Cast

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The Universe

It is a time where anything you see or imagine can be replicated with ease; collectors, snobs, and hyper-hipsters will all gladly shell out loads of SpaceBucks (฿) For the genuine article. Bakalorian artifacts, authentic Earthican clothing, and original Apple iBrain® neural implants all fetch a high price on the intergalactic market.

Who Made this?

Jon WIlliams has had a borderline unhealthy relationship with comics for most of his life. Whether it’s superheroes, jet packs, time travel, or pulp adventure stories, you name it. He hopes you dig what you read and it inspires you to create worlds of your own. You can check out more of his art on Instagram @BeefyMcStudley.

Ben Robinson has been working with Jon on comics and other hair-brained schemes for almost 20 years. Together they host Geeksploration the Podcast, which you should absolutely be listening to right now! He is also an avid tabletop gamer and cut-rate polymath with much more ambition than time.

Contact us

If you dig what you see, we would love it if you could help us spread the word. You can tell your friends, family, or that dude at the liquor store! It all helps. If you have a social media presence, podcast, or blog we would be positively smitten if you could share what you think about the book with your followers. We would also be excited to talk with you more about this project with you, whether it be interviews or guest spots, throughout the campaign. We also have a short audio promo that we can make available and are interested in providing promo space for your endeavors on our show Geeksploration the Podcast.